CryptoSpaniards Simulator

Free Trading Simulator for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to play your investment strategies live without the need to spend real money

Whether you are curious about investing in cryptocurrencies but you are afraid to play real money as if you are already an expert and what you want is to try different strategies, this simulator is for you. Compete without risk with hundreds of other investors, among the winners we distribute prizes periodically. Will you be able to reach number 1 in the Ranking?

  • Starting capital: $10,000 USD (customizable from $100 to $1M)
  • Available cryptocurrencies: 58
  • Price update interval: every minute (real market prices from CryptoCompare)
  • Currently active investors this round: 1078
  • Transaction commission: 0.25% buy and 0.25% sell (as in Bittrex)
  • Transaction time (blocktime): instant
  • Cost of the Simulator: Free
  • Server time: 19:16:48 21/03/2018 (CET)
  • Available languages: 🇺🇸 English 🇪🇸 Español
  • Other features: Limit Buy orders, Take Profit, Stop Loss, followers and much more

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